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The Ultimate Question: Is it Safe to Travel in Jordan?

The Crucial Question: Is Jordan Safe to Visit?

It’s one of the most common questions people ask when travelling to Jordan. And considering that the region in which the country sits has experienced some of the great tragedies of the contemporary world, it’s understandable that this is a pressing concern.

However, the short answer to the question – is Jordan safe? – is ‘yes’. And in the rest of this article we’ll tell you why.

People have so many conceptions – and misconceptions – of the Middle East. But actually, in the Global Peace Index, which ranks the level of a country’s safety, Jordan sits higher even than the United States. You wouldn’t think twice about going there, would you? No. So don’t think twice about exploring the incredible sights of Jordan.

So, let’s take a moment to consider – and to assure you of – the reality of safety in Jordan.


Jordan in the Middle East.

The Middle East is not a monolithic bloc. And whilst, in the west, we only hear stories of tragedy and terror coming out of the region, this is not by any means true of all countries here.

Despite bordering with Syria, Iraq, and Israel-Palestine, Jordan is one of the places that has escaped much of the violence that we read about in the news. You might remember the bombings in Amman in 2005. However, this is the last major attack of its kind in the country. And Jordan has generally become a byword for peace in the region.

This is mainly due to the country’s relative political stability under King Abdullah II. There are calls for political reform, which can provoke occasional demonstrations in towns and on university campuses, sure. But this does not look likely to put the country’s reputation for peace at risk.



Crime happens in all countries of the world – and that, obviously, includes Jordan. However, with vigilance and common sense, there is no serious risk of being the victim of crime here.

When travelling, western tourists often see themselves – with differing levels of legitimacy – as prime targets for scams, thefts, and harassment. And whilst these things can happen, it is important to remember that, as a tourist in Jordan, you are a guest in a country in which hospitality is held up as one of the greatest virtues. You are a guest. And you will be welcomed as such.

Take the same precautions you would at home. Keep an eye on your wallet and phone, don’t walk around with all of your cash, take a photocopy of your passport, and don’t get in strangers’ cars. With simple common sense, you’ll find that Jordan is a perfectly safe place to visit.



Every traveller has a story of being taken for a ride whilst away – sometimes literally. Being overcharged for a taxi ride, although uncommon, is one of the most classic scams in the book.

Across the world – in Rome and Paris as much as anywhere else – people take advantage of tourists who, as new arrivals in a place, don’t yet know the price of things. Within reason, it is not worth getting upset if you are slightly overcharged when haggling. Or if you notice that a local pays less than you for something.

In these situations, it’s usually no more than your pride that gets hurt.


Is it Safe to Travel to Jordan Independently?

Jordan is a country that is easy to get around. And, for you independent travellers, you’ll find that there are plenty of hostels in which to meet the people that will define your experience away.

It is unfortunate that male travellers still have it easier than women. But whilst there have been reports, in more isolated areas, of women receiving serious levels of unwanted attention, these instances are few and far between.

If you are travelling independently, follow the UK government’s advice, and just don’t go to within three miles of the Syrian border.

So, is it safe to travel to Jordan? Yes!

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