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Top 5 Items to Pack for Your Trip to Jordan

What to Take with You When You’re Heading Out to Jordan.

When travelling to a place like Jordan – where the temperatures can range from two degrees to thirty-three – it’s worth planning what to take with you. This is where a travel packing list comes in handy, even for the most seasoned traveller.

And this applies particularly when Jordan offers pretty much every activity under the sun. From climbing, cycling, and trekking, to beach-lounging, museum-wandering, and party-throwing, you’ll need to take a few changes of clothes.

So, let’s just take a moment to run through the essentials. It’s worth your time. Here’s your essential travel packing list for Jordan.


1. Clothes.

Jordan is in the Arabian Desert. And, as we know, deserts get quite hot – and then, when the sun goes down, really quite chilly.

The key to such climates is layers. Rely on light, breathable, fast-drying t-shirts if you are intending to be active. These are easily changed and rinsed in the sink ready for the next day. You can throw a fleece over the top for colder nights too.

During the winter, Jordan gets cold and rainy. For those visiting through these months, pack a rain jacket and extra layers.


2. Footwear.

Really, the most important thing in your packing list for Jordan is appropriate footwear for all situations. We’d recommend a basic three, depending on your plans: hiking trainers, sandals, and proper shoes.

We say proper shoes because if you’re intending to spend some time in the bars and restaurants of Amman, you might not be let in with your hiking trainers on. You wouldn’t wear these in bars at home, so don’t expect to when you’re away.


3. Gadgets.

Your phone and camera are givens. However, if you are spending some time on hiking trails or in Bedouin camps overnight, you might want to add a portable charger to your packing list.

Plugs in Jordan are varied and unpredictable. Sometimes, a UK plug will work in hotels. Elsewhere a two-pin European plug is necessary. Take an EU adaptor with you; you don’t want the faff, and expense, of having to buy one on arrival.


4. Medicines.

People get sick when they travel – including in Jordan. Add anti-diarrheal medicines to your essential packing list, along with bandages and any prescription medicines you normally take.

Alongside the regular UK vaccinations, NaTHNaC suggests vaccinations against Hepatitis A and B, Rabies, and Typhoid, eight weeks before you travel. Only consider a Yellow Fever vaccination if you are traveling from a region affected by this disease.

Sun cream and a sun hat should be in any packing list for Jordan too.


5. Other Considerations.

Earning people’s respect opens doors. Consequently, it’s worth having a few words of Arabic up your sleeve. So, pack a language guide or download one to your phone. Even though most people you’ll encounter will speak English, if you’re off the beaten track you might need it. And it’s just a great way of building the relationships that’ll define your experience.

For those of you taking group tours or staying with local families, something to pass around is a nice idea too. It’s always easier to make pals if you’re sharing something.

Finally, entertainment suggestions are up to you. For anyone interested in Jordanian culture, Elias Farkouh’s Columns of Foam is a particularly acclaimed Jordanian novel that could make a good holiday read.

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