Who We Are

The Local Provider of Fun, Budget Tours of Jordan & Jerusalem

Our Name

The Bedu – the Arabic word for Bedouin – are the nomads who have made the Arabian Desert their home for millennia. Building community on the move, showing strangers the world’s greatest welcome, blazing trails across the length and breadth of the territory.

These guys are our inspiration. Whenever you’re traveling in the Middle East, you’re following in the footsteps of the Bedu.

Our Mission

At Bedu Tours, we’re here to help you get the most out of your trip and your budget. We’ll handle the logistics and border complications within the region, enabling you to focus on:

  • enjoying your trip,
  • connecting with people,
  • discovering breathtaking sights,
  • and grabbing some incredible pictures.

We want to give independent travelers the sort of experiences that we’ve always loved ourselves: fun, budget-friendly, stress-free travel.

Our Story

We’re the same team behind Experience Jordan Adventures and have been leading the adventure tourism scene in Jordan since 2013.

While we love delivering tours for higher-end adventure travelers in Jordan, we realized that for many travelers, travel in Jordan was still too difficult, too unreliable, and too expensive.

Now, with Bedu Tours, we bring shorter, more accessible tours and reliable travel information to independent travelers.

Meet the Team

From local tour designers to techies across the globe, we’re a pretty diverse bunch at Bedu Tours. And whilst we can disagree on our favourite sights, hiking spots, and falafel restaurants, we’ve got a couple of things in common.

A love for Jordan? No doubt about it. A taste for the wonder and wows of travel? It goes without saying. A commitment to providing incredible tours? You can bet on that too.

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