Who We Are

The Middle East’s Authentic Travel Experts

Our Bedu Guarantee

At Bedu Tours, we’re committed to providing you with authentic, exciting experiences, full of breathtaking sights, new best friends, Instagram-worthy photos and stories that will make all of your friends at home jealous.

In fact, we’re so confident in our trips that we’re willing to make you a Bedu Tours guarantee: if you’re not happy with your experience, we promise to find out what’s gone wrong, work with you to resolve any problems to your satisfaction, and, if necessary, even offer an appropriate refund for your tour.

Our Mission

‘Improving Lives through Adventure Tourism’.

At Bedu Tours, we give independent travellers in the Middle East the sort of experiences that we’ve always loved ourselves.

Experiences that are downright awe-inspiring. Experiences that reveal unfamiliar paths and people. Adventures packed as much with laughs as with cultural delights, stupendous sights, and landscapes that are simply unbelievable.

‘Improving Lives through Adventure Tourism’ is what we’re all about. Jaw-dropping tours for you – and meaningful economic opportunities for all our local partners and suppliers.

Our Story

We’re a bunch of travel enthusiasts from around the world – whom fate long ago brought together in Jordan.

For years since then, our team has been beating unimagined paths across the country. Plotting new biking routes and hiking spots, finding new sights and sceneries, and sharing with international and local travellers all our personal favourites.

Even now, after a decade of award-winning adventures, we know that there’s always more to see, do, and experience. Because that’s what travel is all about.

Our Values

To our eyes, ‘the beaten track’ is not just travel cliché. Tracks can sometimes get a bit too beaten for their own good – and if we want places like Petra to last another two millennia, we need to find different ways to enjoy them.

We believe that the joys and privileges of travel go hand-in-hand with a care for places and their people. We reckon that the world shouldn’t suffer because of these joys – and that the tracks we follow should be experienced in all their glory by the next people to discover them.

Our Commitments

That’s why our team works to bring opportunity to some of Jordan’s poorest communities. That’s why we’re committed to gender equality – in Bedu Tours and beyond – and to reducing child exploitation in the tourist industry.

And that’s why environmental responsibility guides all our tours: they’re low-waste, low-impact, and animal cruelty-free.

In taking a different path, we help to restore and sustain the beaten track for future generations too.

Our Name

The Bedu – the Arabic word for Bedouin – are the nomads who have made the Arabian Desert their home for millennia. Building community on the move, showing strangers the world’s greatest welcome, blazing trails across the length and breadth of the territory. These guys are our inspiration.

Remember, whenever you’re travelling in the Middle East – sightseeing, hiking, cycling, or staying in their camps beneath the stars – you’re always following in the footsteps of the Bedu.

Our Partnership

Bedu Tours is a partnership between the Amman-based Experience Jordan and Experience Adventures, a UK-based travel company.

We’re the new face of the same team that created Experience Jordan, the leading adventure tourism team in Jordan. Now, with Bedu Tours, we bring shorter, more flexible tours to independent travellers in the region too.

Meet the Guides

We’re blessed with one of the greatest teams in the world – if we may say so ourselves. And our local guides – experienced, knowledgeable, and brimming with enthusiasm about their country – are the part of our tours of which we’re most proud.

These are the guys you’ll get to know and love on our tours of Jordan.

Meet the Team

From local tour designers to techies across the globe, we’re a pretty diverse bunch at Bedu Tours. And whilst we can disagree on our favourite sights, hiking spots, and falafel restaurants, we’ve got a couple of things in common.

A love for Jordan? No doubt about it. A taste for the wonder and wows of travel? It goes without saying. A commitment to providing incredible tours? You can bet on that too.

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